Crafts & Cultural Heritage

Pune City is fortunate to have within it a variety of crafts and cultural treasure houses. These include museums, theatre auditoriums, art galleries and buildings where important historical events occurred. At present these centers are known individually and are not part of an integrated system where people can taste all the flavors on offer. In addition, many individual collectors have remarkable private collections built up over time. These collections sometimes lie neglected when generations pass on.

Preserving Crafts & Culture

INTACH Pune has been contacted by various museums for help to preserve our rich traditional crafts as well as culture. It is felt that as many of them have similar problems such as funding and lack of space, perhaps the creation of a City Museum where all their individual collections can go, will be a solution. The buildings that once housed these collections can then be used for cultural activities and educational establishments such as libraries. In addition, individual collectors can then be persuaded to add to this entity in return for special exhibitions being dedicated to their generosity.

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