Wanted a Person Who Cares

Wanted an Army Of Conscience Keep

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) invites you as an Indian, to join the fight for conserving India’s heritage.

You don’t have to be an archaeologist or a historian to join INTACH. You just have to care enough for India’s heritage. Today, more than ever, there is an urgent need for action A need for all of us to come together…to pool our resources, to voice our concern and, if necessary, to fight to preserve India’s heritage. It is to fulfill this need that a group of citizens came together to form INTACH.

A Heritage Once Lost Is Lost Forever

In the past one hundred years more historic monuments have been destroyed, more artifacts stolen, more oral traditions lost forever - than in all the years our civilization has been in existence.

We seem to have lost the reverence that our ancestors had for all that nature and man had created. We seem no longer to care and our ‘indifference’ has already begun to take its toll. Every day, somewhere in the country, a historic building is pulled down in the name of progress. Others are damaged by flagrant vandalism or allowed to decay and fall.

Invaluable works of art and manuscripts are dumped in go downs without documentation and records. No one ever knows how many are lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. Priceless manuscripts are sold; unknowingly to kabadi wallas…ancient wooden carvings are broken down and burnt as firewood. Commercialization and mass production have begun to erode our oral traditions and craft skills.

At this rate our children may never be able to experience the richness and wonder of our heritage.

You as a citizen of India have the right to put an end to this senseless destruction. You have the right to voice your concern and a responsibility to protect your environment - and your heritage - whether it is preserving the character, beauty and greenery of your locality or conserving the glory of the Taj Mahal.